When you are desperate to find a source of money, you are forced to sign loans with unwise lenders, who will usually demand a high interest rate and may derive very serious consequences if you do not pay the fees, because We generally guarantee these loans with a property that we may very possibly lose, or our guarantor will.

For that reason, even if you are desperate and look for lenders in Bogota who can make an urgent loan, we do not recommend it , since the solution they will give you will be short term and you will probably regret it.


Amount: 150,000 to $ 900,000
Min period: 4 days
Max term: 30 days
No co-signers, advances and hidden charges RapiCredit
Amount: 110,000 to $ 750,000
Min period: 5 days
Max term: 69 days
No paperwork or co-debtors

Before asking for the loan

  1. Evaluate all your options to get the money you need, family and friends can be a good option.
  2. Make numbers and decide what is the exact amount you need, keep your needs in mind in the medium term.
  3. Before asking for money, be clear about your real needs and do not ask for more than you can give back.
  4. If you are going to a traditional bank, make sure you have at least three offers with which you can negotiate the interest rate.
  5. You must take into account the opening, closing and amortization fees, as well as the term in which you intend to pay it. All these parameters can make the loan much more expensive.

The immediate loans in Bogota

The immediate loans in Bogota

  • Keep in mind that this type of loans are called immediate marketing, but take a while to be granted, since the company needs to check their credentials, usually it can take them 24 hours.
  • Before launching to borrow directly from a lender, investigate on your own. Internet forums, web pages like this or even other clients can give you valuable information .
  • If you finally decide to ask for a quick or immediate loan out of the traditional banking circuit, take time to make numbers and make sure you can pay all the fees.

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Recommended banks

There are honest lenders who lend money at normal interest rates, but others apply usury and take advantage of the circumstances by asking for abusive interest , that is why you should take precautions and in any case we recommend you go to your bank first.

BancoAgrícola : offers loans without guarantor, but only to people with a good credit history and who are independent professionals or formal employees. They can grant you an immediate loan of up to $ 40,000.00 and an interest rate of 9.5%.

Banco Caja Social : offers loans that adjust to any need, including one of free investment that we can dedicate to any purpose. The interest rates are quite high, so it is convenient to compare with other loans.